Time to Hit the Road

The bags are packed, cameras are locked and loaded, snacks are plenteous, it’s time to hop into our sweet ride and head out West!

Okay, well maybe the sweet ride is a little more like this:

Our trust steed © Matthew Friesen

Our trusty steed © Tabitha Friesen

Okay, it’s exactly like that.

The fancy old car in the title pic was taken in Peachland, BC last year by Matt, it’s not ours. It would make for a fun trip, but we’re going to rely on our trusty Focus…mainly because it is actually ours.

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When we get back we will be editing and posting a lot of pics here, so get ready!

-Matt & Tab

Showin’ Saskatchewan Some Love

In just a few days we will be setting out on our first major road trip together. We will be making our way through Saskatchewan, across Alberta, and down to Osoyoos, British Columbia. We visited this area last fall, and we are excited to head back.

This time it will be a little different.

  1. We are married, rather than dating
  2. We are driving, rather than flying

Both differences add a lot of anticipation and excitement for the whole trip. The trip will be long, yet short at the same time. Long because it’s a 14 hour, 1,355 km trip; short because there are a lot of photo-ops between here and there.

Banff is a world famous town inside the world famous Banff National Park inside the world famous Canadian rockies…And we will be spending an afternoon and night there. Within this park you will find stunning snow-capped mountains delicately laced with winding roads, rushing waterfalls, breathtaking canyons, turquoise blue, glass-like lakes, and a cutsie mountain tourist town. So, yeah, we are pretty stoked.

We will leave this majestic fortress early in the morning and continue our trip west to British Columbia. We are hoping to have a short stop for breakfast in the town of Golden, which is just about half an hour from the BC/Alberta border. It is also surrounded by some stunning views. Basically, once we hit Calgary, until we get to BC we are in for some nice sites. We’ve been researching the best spots, looking at amazing photos other people have taken, and getting really pumped about this exciting opportunity to grow our portfolio and add to our list of experiences.

That being said. We don’t want to leave out poor Saskatchewan. We call this humble province home. I call it humble, because it doesn’t boast the majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, fertile pacific rainforests, towering pines, and rugged coastlines like the other two provinces we will be visiting. Many people traveling from the western side of Canada remark how once they hit Saskatchewan they stopped seeing trees. Or that they liked “the tree”. It is flat, and a little boring at times. But, it does have some impressive sites of its own, however.

We’ve been able to see just a few glimpses of Saskatchewan’s beauty on our photo jaunts closer to home (like really close, none of the photos in this post are more than 30 minutes away from our house).

One thing to note is that one thing Saskatchewan has to offer to photographers is a big sky. A big sky that can provide some incredible cloudscapes, sunsets, sunrises. A popular slogan for this province is “The Land of the Living Skies”, which seems to suit it well. The land is full of fields of canola (which are a lovely yellow in the summer), barley, wheat, and in some places flax. The North Saskatchewan River flows through Saskatoon and nearby the outlying towns, providing some nice scenery. It may not be a rugged forest landscape, or staunch mountainous terrain, but it is certainly beautiful in its own way.

So, we want to show off some of Saskatchewan! Hopefully, in the near future we can explore more of Saskatchewan’s diversity. But, for now. Here’s some of our favorites from our own back yard! (Practically).

(Click the images below for a bigger view)

So there you have it, Saskatchewan is pretty too! How about you? Do you live somewhere “flat and boring”? Or somewhere that doesn’t seem very interesting? You might be surprised how many cool things are just outside your front door!

-Matt &Tab

Welcome to Matt and Tab Photography!

We’re glad you stopped by! This post will give you the history of how this blog came about, and an idea of what you can expect in the future!

Last summer Tab had a great idea of making a photography website, because her Behance just wasn’t cutting it aesthetically. She brainstormed names, researched blog hosts, tinkered with design…

Then she realized it’s not the right time, and would much rather spend time Skyping Matt (she lived in the States, he lived in Canada) than taking photos without Matt. (Booo…long distance relationship)

Sometime that year, Matt had something mysterious happen to his Flickr account and could no longer access it, so he wanted a new place for his photos too.

Long story short, no progress was made with photography websites/blogs due to long distance Skype dating, moving, and marriage (yay!).

Life settled and we began to go on more photo jaunts in our free time, and take pictures around the house. Matt delved into all kinds of research into technique and equipment to build up his knowledge base, and Tab started to long for the days when she was taking engagement/wedding photos for friends.

Now being a married homemaker and nostalgic photographer who loves to cook, Tab realized her calling is a food blog. She brainstormed names, researched blog hosts, tinkered with design…

Then it hit her.

She actually just liked looking at pictures of food, not necessarily creating recipes. So, rather than plagiarizing her favorite food blogs, she put the idea to rest.

We were already thinking of ways to get back into photography, then within days of the food blog’s demise, inspiration struck. Our dear friends (in fact, close relatives) at In Our Focus, created a (fantastic) husband/wife duo photography blog. Then the mister at In Our Focus wrote a stellar piece on taking action with their photography skills.


We should start a blog too!

There you have it, the history of Matt and Tab Photography.

As for the future, we plan to post a bunch of photos! As well as hone in our skills to become more educated and useful photographers. We will post about our adventures and techniques we’re learning about (And probably some food photos, because Tab has a problem that’s a useful photography skill too!). Mostly, we will share our love of photography with you!

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below, or email us at mattandtabphotography@gmail.com.

-Matt & Tab

You can read more about why we started Matt and Tab Photography on our about tab.