One of our favorite engagement photos.

One of our favorite engagement photos. (Tab has a weird thing for ‘fake’ mustaches). Taken by Kay-la Glennon of Kay-la May Photography

Photography and adventure were two of the (many) things that brought us together. After getting married we wanted to make sure we kept our love of both of those things by doing them! That’s when Matt & Tab Photography was born.

We started Matt & Tab Photography for three main reasons:

To help us become better photographers!

In college, our jobs revolved around photography. It was a daily task to take, edit, sort, research, file, and look at photos. Since leaving college we got busy with other things (like getting married) and photography got the backseat. Noticing a decline in skill and a yearning for photos, we decided to make it more of a priority.

To provide a beautiful platform for sharing our love of photography and adventure.

We have been on many adventures through life, most with a camera draped around our neck. We have both ventured to far away lands, seen breathtaking sights, brushed shoulders with unique and awesome people from around the world, while eagerly snapping shots all along the way. Now that we are married, it’s one of our most cherished hobbies, providing us with beautiful, quality images of our life’s adventures for a virtual journal.

Besides our own keepsakes, we want to share our photos and stories with you! (Otherwise we would never have made this blog, and would have lived life happily browsing our Lightroom catalogue).

To learn to collect experiences, not things.

We’ve had times when we have displayed symptoms of a moderate to severe case of Photographerus Materialistitus. During these times we thought a better camera, new lens, new software, new computer screen, new computer, would help us in our photographic development. But, we got to thinking that going out and practicing is really what makes you better, plus you get a whole pile of memories and experience along with enhanced skill…for FREE! This blog is partly to help us learn to do stuff, not buy stuff.

So have a look around! We have plenty to see! Hopefully you will enjoy these little bits of the world around us. You can read about more about the start up of our blog here.

Matt & Tab

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