We’ve both been interested in photography for many years. Since we’ve been married we have realized how our interests have taken off on different branches from the main trunk of photography. Matt has always loved photographing stunning landscapes and wildlife (particularly birds and insects). Tab loves photographing people and their unique emotions and mannerisms.

They also have different skill levels. Matt has always been the kind of guy to take things apart and learn how to rebuild them. Now, he doesn’t go around taking our cameras apart, but he does apply that principle to his photography. He is always researching how he can improve certain aspects of his photography. He has learned a lot about his own camera, the settings, editing, rules of photography, and more by reading and watching helpful videos. He has also learned a lot by good old fashioned trial and error. He tend to be the more technical, “by the book” kind of photographer. His strengths are knowing all the basics and the technical side of things, so he knows how to experiment and “bend the rules”. He also has a knack for staging professional portraits (he used to take them for faculty and students at Herbert W. Armstrong College).

Tab, on the other hand, tends to jump right in without giving thought to her settings (often times going over sunny day photos realizing her ISO was at 6400…ouch), trying to capture every angle and aspect. She loves to take tons of photos trying to get the most sincere smile,  biggest laugh, twinkle in the eye, or that moment when the sun is just perfect. Then worry about things like exposure later (she’s so bad). Her strengths are capturing endearing, funny, charming moments with people.  She also strives to create unique images whether it be in post processing or a different angle at a common place.

We are learning to work together as a team, here at Matt and Tab Photography. We’re striving to learn how to combine our strengths so that we can provide the best possible, professional-level images that are well composed and edited, unique, thought provoking, spontaneous, and sincere. We aim to capture memories that will be treasured for a lifetime, whether they be from our own adventures, or yours.


Wedding–Coming soon!
Nature/Landscape–Coming soon!
Travel/Street Photography–Coming soon!

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